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Ev4sio.Physics is a plugin designed for Unity, which aspires to give access to the features and performances of the PhysX library. Although in recent times significant efforts have been made by the Unity team to provide better access to this library, there are still some unused features including:

  • The third party tool PhysX Visual Debugger provided by NVIDIA to visualize, debug and save a scene representation.
  • An advanced collision detection with the possibility to modify or even reject contact points before they are used by the constraint solver.
  • The ability to change the orientation of the vertical axis of a character controller.
  • Different types of vehicles with 4 to 20 wheels, with various engine modes and scene query sweeps for the detection of wheel collisions.

Moreover, in getting as close as possible to the architecture of PhysX, this tool can more easily evolve and integrate improvements made to the native library. In addition to the physics related functionalities, it also provides different types of singleton as well as a user-friendly state machine system.